Anybody else disappointed with the lack of big announcements from DC this past weekend? Except, of course, the one I’ve been waiting for ever since I heard Wondie was going to be in Batman v. Superman:

Wonder Woman Movie Costume

CHECK THAT SLICE OF AWESOME. I love Gal Gadot’s new Wonder Woman costume so much I wish I could cosplay it immediately. I love the sword, the bronze cast to the armor and leather, and the power in her stance. It reminds me of my favorite version of her costume from Gail Simone’s run (although I’m glad they left out the helmet and wings), and the gladiatorial vibe reminds us that in an arena, she’s unbeatable. Fine, DC, you win: that’s really all I wanted out of you from SDCC, anyway.

(Anyone interested in the history of Wondie’s stars and eagle should take a look at this costume index, a thorough rundown of everything she’s ever worn, and when.)

Can you figure out the DC Multiverse? Neither can I, except I know it has something to do with Donna Troy and maybe Superboy being evil…? Fortunately, Grant Morrison has come to rescue us from our confusion with a new map of the Multiverse.

Multiverse map

At last, clarity!


Do you have two million big ones lying around, gathering dust? Are you the world’s biggest Superman fan? Well, you’re in luck! Action Comics No. 1, aka the very first Superman comic ever created, will be going up for public auction on Ebay, starting August 14th.

Action Comics No. 1

This mint condition comic is expected to fetch up to two million dollars, which I think is underestimating how much fans with means will pay for a souvenir like this.

Also up for grabs are several Bob Kane’s personal copies of Detective Comics, featuring the first appearances of the Caped Crusader. These are being sold at Comic Connect, and appear to have been reference issues for Kane during his run on the comic. The auction begins on August 4th, so you still have a few days to search your couch cushions for change. Or find a million-dollar treasure, who knows?

Going once, going twice…