This week’s art gala takes a break from sketching, to enter the everyday creative world of sartorial speculation. What would you wear when All Things End and zombies start trying to chew on your head? Link us to your Polyvore sets! Here are ours.

As you can see… WWAC is ready.


I thought I’d add some class to the zombie killing outfit. Who doesn’t need a fedora to add mystery and overall coolness when saving strangers from flesh eaters?

Zombie Apocalypse Gear with a Classic Twist



  • Machete: I’m from the tropics. We keep it real.
  • Wool socks: to keep my feet warm and cozy while I run from the zombie hordes.
  • Red Docs: I love Doc Martens, and red shoes, and these are perfect for giving the zombies a kicking. (And yes, these are children’s sizes. I have tiny baby feet.)
  • Leather trousers/pants (depending on where you’re from): leather is sort of like armor, right? Anyway, it looks awesome.
  • Gear bag: you gotta have one!
  • Spikes: to fend off the zombies and look hardcore.
  • I’m assuming I have awesome abs in this scenario, hence the top.
Dream Zombie Apocalypse Outfit


Laura H

What I learned from Supernatural is that any apocalypse can be survived, as long as you’ve got the right amount of flannel. A down vest for warmth, a light jacket for warm days, tough boots for hiking and a Bat-signal or two to remind me of the heroes that would have long since forsaken us, and I’ll be set for the end of this world as we know it.
Live together, die alone




The end of the world does not mean the end of sexiness. I can survive just fine with corsets, tight jeans and thigh high boots. And pouches. You can never have too many pouches. Also, I owned a katana long before Michonne ever showed up. #HipsterApocalypse
Apocalypse Parteh




Assuming I survive long enough to put together an outfit, I’d get this. Went with sturdy-looking, very expensive leather goods because once society collapses, money becomes meaningless. Need a tough bag that holds a lot and doesn’t require hands, because I already have a trench knife in each hand. Nerd shirt and Bat-helmet because I didn’t hide my geekiness before the world ended, so why start?
Zombie Apocalypse Outfit




Even in the middle of the zombie apocalypse I would let my geek flag fly. Plus its a good excuse to dig out all my goth clothing from high school. Everything always had so many pockets and spikes.
Also candy, To keep our spirits (and energy) up.
99 Problems




White gets dirty, but that’s fine for camouflage. Either way, it looks cool. Personally I think diamonds are probably pretty useful, being so hard. Even if they’re not, they’re not exactly heavy, are they? Assume the bike has panniers on (I couldn’t find any accessible for this set). I figure water’s a pretty obvious destination, so blue’s not too flashy, and floral is essentially beautiful camo. Anyway, why give up luxury? Everything is terrible, I’m taking it where I can get it.

The scarf is a map of London, for… poetic bitterness, you know?
WWAC Post-apocalypse planning




I should still look good. Rough and ready boots,a jacket and a wool coat. Practical jeans and stretchy pants that I can run in!
Bat is practical~ No sharpening needed & no ammo to run out of!
After it's all over....



Megan P

Loaded for Bear




Zombie Apocalypse Glamour




Multipurpose for the win! Slashing zombies left and right (#teamhachet) or climbing up sheer walls to leave them behind! Who says you can’t kill zombies in a skirt? I’m ready for any weather, and oh yeah, I’ve got first aid covered.

Eat your heart out, zombie apocalypse!