It seems like everyone is just holding their breath waiting for the big announcements to come out of SDCC, but who needs to go to a big fancy convention for their news? We’ve got you covered right here on WWAC, acronyms and all.

Wonder Woman Converse Hi-TopWith all this news coverage, everyone wants to wear their nerd cred with pride, and so obviously most important item we have for you today is the launch of DC’s newest collaboration with Converse All-Stars. You’ll be able to sport your favorite DC heroes (or villains!) with the new designs, which will be available online and in stores. I think I need these Wonder Woman ones, myself.

It seems like every time we turn around, a new character is being introduced into the adaptations coming up — Aquaman, Katana, Firestorm — and here’s another! The CW’s The Flash will be introducing DC character Plastique, who has the completely awesome ability to turn everything she touches into a bomb. I look forward to many uses of the ever classy “bomb voyage!” pun in Barry’s future.

Arsenal Arrow TVNot to be left behind, Arrow announced that angst-bucket and resident punching bag Roy Harper will take on the name and costume of Arsenal this season, which is super great for people who like Arsenal, like me. Here he is (left) in all his leather-clad glory.

There’s a lot of movement at DC these days: they’ve picked up longtime Marvel artist John Romita, Jr., but lost Will Eisner’s The Spirit, now housed at Dynamite Comics. Still, Romita, Jr.’s art on his Superman run with Geoff Johns is looking pretty damn good. No word on whether Marvel is collaborating with Taylor Swift on a break-up song.