Billed as short film, the real beauty of the Wonder Buffalo Kickstarter campaign is that the entire project resonates with coming to terms with and embracing your true self. 

Wonder Buffalo Poster The project by Christine T. Berg and Simon Shterenberg is “a coming of age story of a Thai American teen, finding acceptance and empowerment cosplaying as her favorite superhero.” The story follows Ann, who runs away to the local fantasy con after her mother calls her fat and stupid. Once there, her encounters prepare her to battle her “arch nemesis.”

The actors cast in the film don’t seem like players in token diversity roles; the project lets them represent their own selves — a Thai American, a Lebanese teen and a differently abled former military female. Beyond the cast, the crew appears to bring together diverse group of talented people.

Backer rewards are encouraged at wide range of levels from $1 to be listed in the Thank You credits up to $10, 000 to be the “Executive Producer” and hangout with the cast. At $10, backers can get a copy of the script, the director’s notes, and a story board of the bus scene. Also available are the expected DVDs, t-shirts and posters.