Are you going to the San Diego Comic-Con? No? Pray tell, why not? Because it costs a ton, you hate waiting in line for 45 minutes to take a piss, and you think it’s a tad overrated? Me too. Let’s do crafts instead. Wait, did I hear you right? You’re not super into crafts and have no idea what you’re doing? We have so much in common. I’m terrible at crafts. Let’s do one anyway.

How about an Avenger’s finger-puppet, Specifically, Captain America? I knew you’d say yes. We’re like soulmates. Let’s do this thing.PDF Pattern Avengers, marvel,

Here are the materials needed to make Caps:

fingerpuppet supplies, photo, lana jaeger

  • Blue felt
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Felt that resembles a skin tone
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric scissors
  • A pen
  • Music for ambiance. I’m listening to Super Furry Animals, how about you, new friend?

Now for the handy dandy instructions. All we have to do is click through Pinterest to link to the referring site. Dang. The page no longer exists. Looks like we’re doing this with guesswork.

Looking at Captain America here, you can easily see what needs to be cut out. We needcaptain america, finger puppet:

  • A blue crescent for the helmet
  • A small blue circle for the center of his shield
  • Two blue ovals for his arms
  • A blue base for the body
  • Two small white circles for eyes
  • A white letter “A”
  • A white star for his costume
  • A smaller white star for his shield
  • A white circle for his shield
  • White rectangles for stripes
  • A red circle for the shield
  • A wide red band for the bottom of his costume

Now let’s take our pens and sketch each of these shapes on the corresponding felt colors, and then carefully cut them out using our fabric scissors. I know next to nothing about crafts, but I do know that fabric scissors are crucial for cutting felt because they are compact yet extremely sharp.captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaegerIt’s easy to size these up by eye once we have the blue base made. To do this, simply wrap the blue felt around your finger, like so:

captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaegerUse your trusty pen to mark on the felt where the material completely wraps around your finger (or thumb, I don’t judge), then cut the material down, and fabric glue that sucker into a circle. With that done, you can now see how large the rest of the pieces should be to remain proportionate to the base of the costume.captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaegerNow that we have everything cut out, it’s simply a matter of arranging the pieces on the base and gluing them down.

captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaeger

Glue red rectangle on blue base

captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaeger

Draw unassuming smile on his face, then glue the helmet on top along with white circle eyeballs and center the”A”

captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaeger

Glue white circle on top of the red, then the blue circle on top of the white, and then the small star in the middle

captain america fingerpuppet, photo, lana jaeger

Glue the blue ovals on for his arms, glue the shield on top of that. Next add the other white star to the center of his costume and stick his head above that. Also, at some point glue on the little white rectangles on the red banner along the bottom

captain america fingerpuppet, lana jaeger, photo

Abraham Lincoln approves of this hero.

captain america fingerpuppet, lana jaeger, photo


Look at us! We made something. Let’s never forget how fun this was. What should we make next time?