Two pieces of news yesterday exploded the brains of fan-casters everywhere: first, that your role-model and probable girl crush Lucy Lawless will join Season 2 of Marvel’sagents of shield, marvel, abc tv, Agents of SHIELD, and, secondly, that The Rock will be playing a DC hero “with the power of Superman,” which…has to be Shazam, right?

So, who will these two be playing? Come speculate with me.

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The obvious choice for Lucy is Valkyrie. Agents has already featured Asgardian Sif in its line-up, and with the news of a recasted, female Thor, it seems smart for Agents to ride that Asgardian lightning as far as it can go. But would it be too much typecasting? Can you see Lucy instead as an agent of S.W.O.R.D, or even Hydra?

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The Rock has been teasing possibilities of a superheroic role for months now, but apparently he and Warner Bros. have now decided on the perfect one. Personally, I’m okay with the Rock as DC’s own Superman knock-off, Shazam, but I think his talents may lie more towards other characters. In case he’s looking for any other roles to pursue, the Women Write About Comics staff have come up with a few he might shine in:


2. Secret Six Bane

3. Merlin

4. The Tramp, in a rebooted Lady and the Tramp

5. Q (Star Trek or James Bond)

6. That square principal from The Breakfast Club

7. Mr. Rooney from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

8. The Scorpion King in Batman vs. The Scorpion King

9. Young Justice’s The Red Tornado

10. Elmer Fudd in the gritty reboot of Looney Tunes


Who do you think these two should play?