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Are you all about crafting, DIYing, sporting, or adventuring? Do you you give all of your hobbies a geeky twist? Are you looking for a new challenge? You might just be our new Lifestyle Editor! #jazzfingers


Your Responsibilities Would Include:

  • Writing! Quite a bit of it, as we develop this new-ish section.
  • Planning, assigning, and developing stories.
  • Running interactive challenges and giveaways — often!
  • Editing submissions. (Chicago)
  • Participating in weekly editorial meetings.

 The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a background in web writing and editing — not necessarily paid.
  • Has a good handle on at least 3 of these topics: crafting, DIY, cooking and food, cosplay, street fashion, sports (not pro!), adventuring, and travel.
  • Is comfortable with WordPress, Google Drive, and Photoshop (or equivalent).
  • Has a contact list full of solid bloggers and freelancers (or is a talented networker).
  • Is excited about working with WWAC as we grow online and move into print (yup, that’s the goal).
  • Is an intersectional feminist progressive who grooves with our core values.

We Can Offer You:

  • A small, highly-collaborative editorial team and a no-bullshit work environment. You’ll be working WITH us, not FOR us.
  • The chance to build big, collaborative projects with our writers and editors.
  • Freedom to manage and shape your section (mostly) as you see fit.
  • Skillsharing workshops. Of a kind.
  • No money though. Not yet. (We’re all waiting on that.)
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