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Latino Review has released an interview with David Hayter about the rumored Black Widow film he’s working on according to IMDB. He sets the record straight:

For ‘Black Widow,’ I wrote [a script] ten years ago and I was attached to direct it then. Then a few female action movies came out and they didn’t do very well. And the movie got shelved. It’s on IMDB and I’m going to talk to Marvel about possibly re-igniting that project. It really depends on Marvel on what they want to do with that character. So that’s the status of that right now.

[So] as far as I know, it’s not a project that’s happening yet. But, I have written a script for it.

I loved X-Men and X-2. I thought Scorpion King was a fun film and Watchmen was a great adaptation (although very dark for my taste). I want this Black Widow film to be a reality so that there’s at least ONE female led film from Marvel. COME ON, MARVEL. You have many films under your belt so this shouldn’t be taking so long.