Mighty Marvel Monday: The Superior Or Just Regular Tony Stark


Monday again! This has been quite the week for Marvel — LadyThor (wait, we aren’t supposed to call her that) and Fal-Cap caused a significant amount of Internet rabble rousing. What else has been going on at the House of Ideas?

Image from Marvel Comics.

Image from Marvel Comics.

Well, there was another Avengers Now announcement, though it wasn’t nearly as earth shaking as Thor and Captain America: The Superior Iron Man! Apparently “Tony Stark’s massive ego is about to boil over,” according to the Marvel press release, which will result in some major city destruction. “What we’re doing here is a little different — it’s Tony Stark, the one and only Tony Stark — and in the aftermath of the Axis event, he will surrender to his id and his legendary ego,” finishes Marvel. So, just regular Tony Stark, then. Got it.

Marvel has announced movie release dates through 2019. Most of them are as of yet untitled, but the news does give Doctor Strange a release of July 8, 2016, and also confirms that they are not budging on the release date of Age of Ultron, despite the conflict with DC’s Batman Vs. Superman Vs. Jason Momoa Vs. Probably Poorly Written Wonder Woman.

Wait, super important news break — you can read a lettered preview of Storm #1 from

Variant cover by Skottie Young.

Variant cover by Skottie Young.

Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez over at Newsarama!

Kevin Fiege spoke openly about the Ant-Man/Edgar Wright thing in an interview with The Guardian, definitely implying that the split wasn’t the most magnanimous breakup. He is quick to assure fans of Wright that this wasn’t a “big evil studio … too scared at the outside-the-box creative vision.”

Wait, super important news break — you can read a lettered preview of Storm #1 from
Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez over at Newsarama!

Image from ArcadeSushi.

Image from ArcadeSushi.

Dan Abnett is writing a Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game, which is apparently not tied in with the plot of the movie. He talked to ArcadeSushi about the game, which features a super-cute anime-style Gamora (and the other Guardians too, I guess).

Check in with me next week, as I’m sure that we’ll need an entire news round-up just for the stuff Marvel announces at SDCC!


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