Marvel Announces Five Dates For Untitled Films Through 2019


Marvel Studios announced Friday afternoon the dates of five mystery movies yet to be titled from July 27, 2017 to May 3rd, 2019. Ant-Man is set to come out on July 17, 2015 and Captain America 3 is slated to come out on May 6, 2016 against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here are the dates:

July 27, 2017

Nov. 3, 2017

July 6, 2018 (there’s speculation that Doctor Strange will go into this time slot)

Nov. 2, 2018

May 3, 2019

It’s very likely that the May 3rd, 2019 spot could go to Avengers 3, which would signal the end of phase 3 and the contracts of the Avengers cast who signed on for a six picture deal. There’s been talk of a third Thor film and a maybe an Iron Man 4 (a very big maybe) along with a potential Black Widow standalone. I just want a Captain Marvel and a Black Panther film to be quite honest. What do you guys think about these dates?


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  1. Not sure what the order will be but: guessing one of these is Thor: Ragnarok and another is Avengers 3 (probably the 2018 date), plus the Doctor Strange you already cited. The other two…Black Panther and Captain Marvel, maybe? Or the much-begged-for Black Widow solo movie. Though I’d rather see a Captain Marvel buddy-style action movie with Carol and Jess Drew.
    Unless, of course, GotG gets a sequel.