There’s a new miniseries coming from Dynamite Entertainment, and like the recent Legends of Red Sonja miniseries, this one will also be pioneered by Gail Simone.

Under the working title “Women of Dynamite” this new crossover will bring together three of Dynamite’s notorious leading ladies; Red Sonja, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris. The publisher promises more “strong female characters’ filling out the cast of the story” and while it’s easy to be skeptical of such a claim when presented with the character’s outfits and cover poses, if there’s one thing reading Gail Simone’s work on Red Sonja has taught me it’s don’t judge a Dynamite woman by her choice of clothing.Women of Dynamite

Putting Gail Simone at the head of this project seems like a natural choice. She is no stranger to strong female leads, known for her work on DC Comics’ Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl and more recently the She-Devil herself, Red Sonja. My hope is that she can win readers over to Vampirella and Dejah Thoris the way she has for Sonja.

This announcement comes on the heels of another female-led Dynamite release: Vampirella: Feary Tales.


Horror comic book heroine Vampirella will be celebrating her 45th anniversary this year and will be the subject of a collaborative miniseries event, similar to 2013’s 40th Anniversary Legends of Red Sonja event. This project is being headed by the current writer of Vampirella, Nancy A Collins and will feature work by Gail Simone, Stephen R. Bissette, Elmo Eklabuz, Ronilson Freire, Devin Grayson, Jack Jadson, Joe R. Lansdale, Elaine Lee, Stuart Moore, Steve Niles, John Shirley, Denis St. John, and Eric Trautmann.

Nancy A Collins had the following to say about the upcoming series:

“Seeing as this is the 45th anniversary of Vampirella‘s creation, Dynamite has decided to mark the occasion by taking her back to her roots . . . We’ve got some of the best writers in comics slated to deliver the short, sharp shocks that the Warren magazines were famous for.  I am both excited and humbled that these incredibly talented creators have signed on to celebrate Vampirella’s birthday.”

This mini series has Vampirella sent through a dimensional rift into “an alternate dimension where an enigmatic Storyteller forces her to live out classic tales of terror and whimsy.” The debut issue will see her character in both the Bluebeard and Cinderella fairy tales.

Vampirella: Feary Tales #1 is set to hit shelves in October.