Banner: Fly the Colour Fantastica

Fly the Colour Fantastica is an Australian comics anthology that explores story and storytelling through colour. Twelve local artists (Alicia Braumberger, Alisha Jade, Rebecca Hayes, Eri Kashima, Eevien Tan, Sam Jacobin, Nadia Attlee, Sai Nitivoranant, Sheree Chuang, Tash Sim, Vikki Ong, and Viet-My Bui) will work with limited but brilliant colour palates to tell stories in a “post-anime visual style.” The anthology will explore themes of “growth, revelation, and small victories,”and will “serve as a social project that will strengthen communication and collaboration between artists in Australia.”

Eri and Vikki, the editors, have provided a wonderful breakdown of the project’s goals and financials — much more robust than I’m used to seeing. The biggest chunk of their base goal of $7,500 AUD will be eaten up by printing and shipping, but they’ve also allocated a sizeable amount to cover rewards. If they hit their first stretch goal, $9,000 AUD, they’ll be able to print hardcovers. Everything above $11,000 AU goes directly to the contributing artists, and should they land somewhere between their first and second stretch goals, that extra money will also go the artists. The rewards are the usual assortment of PDFs, TPBs, badges and more, but the real reward is the book itself. No, seriously. Check out the proposed cover design:

Cover: Fly the Colour Fantastica

The star here is the art. Man is it pretty. I’m not familiar with any of the artists working on the project, or with the editors, and happened upon Fly the Colour while browsing the comics section on Kickstarter. After scrolling through their project page and watching their pitch video, I was sold. IT’S SO FANTASTICA. That’s right, I’m prepared to put down money on this project based solely on how gorgeous the art is, and how nicely organized their Kickstarter page is. And at $6,625, they’re incredibly close to meeting their base goal. You have until August 8th to check out the project page and the anthology’s site and then agree with me.

Interior: Fly the Colour Fantastica