Steven Universestevenuniversecomic

Created by Rebecca Sugar

Written by  Jeremy Sorese

Art by  Coleman Engle

KaBOOM! Studios

Good news for fans of Cartoon Network’s newest series, Steven Universe.

The show is the first CN property created by a woman — Rebecca Sugar.

Now, with KaBOOM! Studios the show about a not-quite-ordinary boy and his magical girl sisters is getting its own comic, launching in August.

Jeremy Sorese (Adventure Time) will be writing, with Coleman Engle (Popgun) doing the art.

The series will be an expansion of the universe we see on the show. For those new to the series, Steven Universe is the half-human son of Greg Universe and a magical girl named Rose Quartz. Rose “gave up her physical form to bring Steven into the world.” As such, he has inherited his mother’s magical rose-pink gem, her magical powers, and her mission — to protect the Earth and the universe from threats magical and mundane.

Because he’s only a small boy, Steven is still learning to use his powers, but his sisters, solemn, taciturn Garnet, mischievous, troublemaking Amethyst, and finicky, prim Pearl (color coded for your convenience) look after him, guide him in learning about his powers, and hang out with him when there’s time for fun.

The comic will focus a little more on the fun, going for “a zine-like format” with comic stories accompanied by games, recipes, mini-comics, and more! Although the press release gives the plot of the first issue, no spoilers here! Coleman is doing the art, but the variant covers are done by Bridget Underwood, Andrea Fernandez and Matt Cummings. Judging by the cover images, we’ll see expansions of Steven’s relationships with the Beach City supporting cast: his dad, his friend PeeDee, and his crush Connie. 

Steven Universe #1 hits stores August 6, with a cover price of $3.99 and is available for pre-order at the usual places and the publisher’s own website. As for the series itself, Rebecca Sugar’s Tumblr said Steven Universe will return “later this summer,” so there will be more fun Crystal Gem hijinks on TV as well!