James Harvey, Masterplasty, 2014

Back in December I reviewed the pile o’books I’d managed to squeeze into my low, low Thought Bubble budget. One of them was a wee previews-style leaflet from James Harvey. Here’s a little of what I said:

Ugh, geez, I really like James Harvey’s work. I’m 95% new to it, (I’d peeked at Bartkira) and this preview booklet, or “limited-run zine,” is enough to get me 100% on board. Dang, dang, dang, but does he know how to work the tones, how to keep a disrespectful sensibility in soft and supple lines, and how to design a hipster asshole you’re totally, totally jealous of because they just look better than you ever even want to.

That last part about hipster assholes and “better than you ever even want to” was my psychic powers manifesting; Masterplasty goes to that place.

James Harvey, Masterplasty, 2014

Image just announced they’re publishing Harvey’s Masterplasty (previously pubbed in Japanese, and in English available online) in an oversized nine by twelve format, with extras. That’s good news, friends! Here’s what I said about Masterplasty when I’d only seen a couple of preview-spreads:

At least three (Zygote, Masterplasty, and [Nameless Project]) sound like OVAs you might own from way back, on VHSs that you still watch; these weird, outlandish stories that you can’t believe never got franchised.

I’ve read the story digitally, and I am EXCITED to be able to own it in touchable, rough-upable paper. There’s a gorgeous blend of slackerism, sensitivity, and hellacious living for kicks in the mix. To hijack a phrase from Laura Jane Faulds, whose work I love in a similar way, Masterplasty is “a celebration of how boring it is to be alive.”

Find the press release here and check the online option here, because I know that’s only gonna convince you to pay. Those colours! Glory glory, babes and monsters.

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