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Phoebe Gloeckner’s The Diary of a Teenage Girl is in post-production for the big screen. That’s right. We’re talking Tinseltown, baby. La La Land. Hollywood.

It’s going to be made into a movie is what I’m getting at. It is slated for a 2015 release with director Marielle Heller and produced by Caviar Films. Heller previously adapted the graphic novel into a stage production, even performing in the lead role as Minnie. This project marks Heller’s directorial and screenwriting debut. However, she does have years of industry experience beyond the theater, having worked on productions including A Walk Among Tombstones and MacGruber.

The cast is exciting, to say the least. Kristen Wiig will play Minnie’s mother, Charlotte. Eric Northman, I mean, Alexander Skarsgård will play Monroe. And the part of Minnie Goetz will be performed by Bel Powley. Powley’s acting credits are mostly concentrated in TV series appearances, with one starring role in the last year’s Side by Side. I for one am relieved with the casting choice to go with a relatively unknown actress rather than forcing one of the usual suspects on us. This is a performance that will call for raw emotion and captivating theatrics; mainstream stars are typically too lukewarm to provide these two requirements convincingly. Plus, regardless of all other things, Powley definitely has the mesmerizing eye thing down. Look at her eyes. Then look at Phoebe’s eyes. Then look at Minnie’s eyes. bel powley, phoebe gloeckner, minnie goetz, diary of a teenage girl, www.imdb.com, www.comicvine.comThis has the potential to be a powerful film. The directorial passion, acting experience, and skillful production company are all in place. This is one to look forward to.