Mighty Marvel Monday: Bye, Steve


Happy post-4th, American Marvellites! Hope you all had a great holiday (or didn’t, if you aren’t in America/don’t care) and are just sitting around thinking about Chris Evans wearing spandex, like a true patriot.

Image courtesy of Marvel.

Image courtesy of Marvel.

So, yeah, speaking of: the big breaking news today seems to be that Marvel will be replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America as of issue #21 this fall. It’s going to be Bucky, right? Because Sebastian Stan is signed for nine movies and Chris Evans’ contract is almost up, and this is an obvious comic-movie tie in? Right? Anyway, Steve’s not out for good, he will apparently be stepping back into a more overseeing mentor role, as he has had the super soldier serum taken out of his body and is no longer a total StudMuffin McBeefCake.
Andy Serkis has a role in Avengers: Age of Ultron because of course he does, Andy Serkis is in everything.

Marvel has launched a fake travel site called Galaxy Getaways as a viral marketing pushScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.34.38 PM for Guardians of the Galaxy. Like most of the advertising for this movie, it’s got a cute tongue-in-cheek vibe and barely censored swearing. There’s also a really adorable Groot minigame to play.

Mark Ruffalo did a Reddit AMA this past week where we found out that his favorite Pokemon is Squirtle and he prefers dragons to dinosaurs. He used the word “demure” when describing Emma Stone as his personal fan-cast for She-Hulk, which earns him negative five Ivy-points.



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