Happy Independence Day to those of our readers in the USA, and happy Friday to everyone else! To start you off on this best of all weekdays, we’ve got new-new books, new-old shows, and an apparently never-ending stream of Batman to discuss: it’s the DC Daily Planet!

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/135868-DC-Comics-First-Selfie-Variant-Cover-Stars-Batman-And-SupermanWe reported on the gorgeous pin-up variant covers coming out this summer, but DC’s artists are at it again with a new theme: selfies. Because that’s what the kids are into these days, right? The first variant, featuring Superman mugging for a shot and hauling in an unhappy Batman, will be out in October.

Speaking of the Bat-family, it sounds like my best gal pal Steph Brown isn’t far away from finding the old purple-and-black spandex again. Writer James Tynion IV sits down with MTV to tease Spoiler, Jim Gordon, and what to expect in the upcoming issues of Batman Eternal.

by Brianne DrouhardActually, I have a definite thing for when creators talk knowelegably about their characters, so I loved this interview with Brianne Drouhard about the reimagined Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld animated series. The series has gorgeous art and Our Heroine’s can-do attitude is wonderful, so it looks fun even without already being a hug from the past for all us 80’s kids.

There’s a lot of Arrow and Arrow-adjacent news this week: not only is Deathstroke getting his own series, but the show is bringing in Devon Aoki as Katana. She’s a character I don’t know well, but I’m generally pretty excited when anything Birds of Prey-related occurs, so hopefully it’ll be a good step. Add that to the fact that Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg is taking over the Green Arrow book, and we may actually get a tv show and book series living in harmony. It is to dream.

Wonder Woman is getting a new creative team, too: Meredith and David Finch are slated to take over the title in November.

And, finally, it’s not really DC news unless there are new Batman titles on the way. Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy will add to the Bat-dynasty this October.

What do you think, readers? Have you been needing more Bat-titles? Are you excited for Spoiler? Leery of Arrow? Let us know in the comments!