Poster: Enchanted, DisneyDisney has announced that they’re doing a sequel to their popular 2007 film, Enchanted.

For those who haven’t seen it in a while, or for those who were too young to catch all the details – the film was a playful send up of Disney’s very own princess films. Giselle, a musical, animal-loving storybook princess finds her way into “our” real world. In New York, things don’t operate the way they do for an almost-Disney Princess, but they come close, and boy does that wig out the cynical divorce lawyer who finds Giselle and tries to help her until Prince Edward comes for her. Seeing regular Disney tropes portrayed in the real world  is where most of the movie’s comedy came from. The film ended with an atypically happy ending, and a pair-the-spares one for the leftover love interests. Everything was tied up tidily.

So what have we got to work with for a sequel?

Breakups:  A lot of sequels go this route. The Speed movies broke up the couple who got together at the end. The Die Hard movies broke up John McClane and his wife Holly. Romancing The Stone’s sequel broke up Jack and Joan. But none of those are Disney couples. Disney has come close to breaking up a couple in some of their straight-to-video movies, but never quite gone that far, so I can’t see Richard and Giselle parting ways. Nancy and Edward are more likely to break up. The underused Idina Menzel (Frozen) played the girlfriend dumped for Giselle in Enchanted. She ran off to the cartoon world with Edward. She was some sort of high powered  Lexington Avenue type in the first film, so she may be homesick.

Descendants: Kids and offspring are all the rage these days. Disney actually has a TV show by that name coming out soon with the high-school age kids of the Disney Princesses and their villains. So maybe Morgan, Richard’s daughter, will want to visit her stepmom’s homeland, and find love with a cartoon prince?

Adventure: The first film treated Giselle like an ordinary peasant girl – but perhaps she’s like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty – a real princess raised amongst the woodland creatures. That being the case, there could be another jealous, evil queen out there who wants to keep her hold on Giselle’s lands, and therefore wants to keep Giselle in New York.

Any other wild guesses? Share them in the comments!