We don’t tend to post previews, because you can get them just about anywhere. Boring!

I’m making an exception, because America-centric pop culture fandom is a mess this week, videos of violent attacks on trans women are circling and being +liked, world culture is suffering for America’s SCOTUS having decided that corporations can persecute women through the excuse of religion, radio racists are enjoying defaming black women for objecting to being photographed on the street, plus this new marker on the bullshit continuum — things are appalling. A comic that seems to be about a rad babe doing rad space zoology (?) sounds exactly what I’m up for. Especially when it’s written into the text that ex-lovers who follow you about are freakish and alarming. A comic, essentially, that seems to be about a woman with her own life, who is empowered to reject whomever she chooses to. Without fear.

Deep Gravity, is a four-part miniseries from Dark Horse. A woman being vocally unimpressed, apparently physically unafraid (this speaks well for the space-science-society she’s been living in since leaving this chump), and neither apologetic nor forgiving, when her ex abandons his life to dog hers? Yeah! Fuck! Let’s post everyone a copy and hope they grow UP!

The DH profile for this issue focusses on Steven’s quest, and while I can appreciate that might be some level of bluff, it does inspire a little trepidation in me. This CBR interview names him as the main character, although it also spells his name incorrectly. Please, Dark Horse. Please keep this on track as something encouraging. The ECCC unveiling copy reframes things again;

Welcome to Poseidon! Gilise MG452, a.k.a. “Poseidon,” is Earth’s deadly sister planet.
A planet similar to ours, yet utterly alien, it circles a red dwarf just three years from Earth. Maelstrom Science and Technology Corp. has the lone contract to mine the planet’s resources. But what once was a scientific expedition has become a beast of profit . . . with no room for failure.

Capitalist politicking — good. Promises of hard sci-fi are exciting. Poseidon sounds like a solid backdrop for the more personal human interaction. Great mixed with weird alien beasts!

Deep Gravity

Deep Gravity, Dark Horse, 2014, Mike Richardson, Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, Fernando Baldo

The alien design is interesting; the no-nonsense military-esque environment and wardrobe design feel energising. Even the darker coloured lips on Michelle are conceivably natural, not lipstick to get space desert dust clogged in. Her eyes aren’t too heavily outlined — no more than creepo Steven’s. Both of these things remind me of Cinebook’s Antares series. I think I like Antares’ look a little more, because its heroine has a mullet. Probably attractive at the time, but to me in 2014 it’s got a boss sort of ugliness. I’d be into seeing some weathering on Deep Gravity‘s women (I’m assuming there’ll be more).

So what do you think? Interesting? Hopeful? Will you buy it? Who do you think should read it?