Photo by Peter Gonzaga. Karl Yune. Pacific Rim Photo Press. Maseo Yamashiro. Arrow. Season 3. TV. DC.

According to, Karl Yune will play Maseo Yamashiro “a skilled martial artist who is married to Katana” who is reported to be played by Devon Aoki

The character will be introduced in flashback as Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) handler — a teacher and a friend who advises and helps the Arrow become a superhero. 

Peter Stormare. Count Vertigo. Vertigo. New 52. Arrow. Season 3. TV. Werner Zytle. reports that Peter Stormare will also be added to the Arrow season 3 cast as Werner Zytle. Now if we remember last season, Count Vertigo — played by Seth Gabel — was killed off, and it appears that Zytle will be the new distributor of Vertigo. In the New 52, Werner Zytle is Count Vertigo but looks like he’ll be going by just “Vertigo” which is…weird. Why not just Count Vertigo? People take other people’s mantle ALL the time in the superhero world. Anyway, it looks like Vertigo will be the first villain the team faces off when the show returns October 8th.