The #WWACTV chat is where the casual TV viewer and the self-professed (or in denial) addict discuss the newest shows and old favourites. June 29th marked the end of our first month since debuting on June 15th and it went really well. We discussed:

  • Is there a show you would like to give additional seasons to, reboot or create a spin off for?
  • How important is a pilot episode in getting you invested in a show?
  • And if an episode of a show got leaked, would you watch it or avoid it until it officially comes out?

But before all that, we discussed what we watched the past two weeks (June 15th-28th) and there were quite a few premieres and finales. Here was what I watched:


The Game of Thrones season 4 finale wasn’t jaw dropping which is typical for the show where that tends to happen in the second last episode. However, we do see characters change not only emotionally but also physically as they journey off to new places. Let’s hope for meet ups between the characters we love in the upcoming season.

Damn it, Orphan Black! That season 2 finale was explosive and introduced a new element (and relationships) to the series. I’m trying to think of a time where there wasn’t the Clone Club in my life but it’s proven to be difficult. Let’s hope for an exciting season 3 and the power to speed up time.

Orphan Black. Season 2 Promo Photo. BBC America. Clones.


*There was also the Continuum finale but I’m way too behind on season 3

Season Premieres

Switched At Birth had its mid-season 3 premiere and it tackled some great issues which isn’t unexpected for the show. I’m interested to see where the show goes and how the season gets wrapped up. Team Bay!

Season 2 of The Fosters got underway by picking up weeks after the events of the season 1 finale. Quite a few things have changed and characters have been introduced to shake things up.  I’m in love with this diverse cast and am itching for the second episode. I’m glad Callie has had enough with bad life choices but it wouldn’t be television if more of those cropped out throughout the season!

The Fosters. ABC Family. Promo Photo. TV.

The season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf was as expected: really unnecessary long shots for “dramatic effect”, cheesy lines and “twists”. Yet, I love this show with my entire being. Two months have passed since the devastating season 3 finale and I can say for a fact that I now have my new favourite character (after Stiles of course): Malia! Can I keep her and Stiles, please?

Series Premieres

These past two weeks have been lacklustre in regards to the new series that debuted. I was really excited for Girl Meets World after enjoying its very funny predecessor from the 90s, Boy Meets World. I was disappointed. It felt like a generic comedy show for kids. Its achilles heel is the lack of a straight man, like we had in Mr. Finney, to play off the comedic theatrics of the rest of the cast. It was trying too hard and while I can’t say I’ll give it an A for effort, Sabrina Carpenter (Maya) is definitely someone to keep an eye on. I am aware that there’s a generational disconnect (I’m twenty-one) that could be at play here but time will tell on those youngsters who will be tuning in.

Probably the biggest letdown of series debuts in the month of June, Dominion was a great idea filled with great actors with the most horrendous writing imaginable. The world we’re thrust into isn’t explained all that well, the characters were boring, one dimensional and leaned on tropes, and overall, I just don’t care. The show is based off the film Legion, but Paul Bettany was a much better Michael than Tom Wisdom, and I have no interest in continuing with the series. It’s a big bowl of cheese and I wonder how long it’ll last. I mean, COME ON. You have world class actors. How did this happen?

Tyrant. Poster. Hollywood Reporter.

I have a lot of baggage going into Tyrant that will explained in a separate upcoming piece but I can say now that I’m consciously sticking with it, to give episode two a look. The writing is on point as well as the pacing, but it can’t help the fact that the Middle Eastern lead is played by a non-Middle Eastern man. I’m also a bit hesitant on how Muslims and Arabs will be depicted, especially in an atmosphere where stereotypes and the word “terrorist” tend to be default settings. Keeping an eye on this one…


Oh, Delirium. You found a way to be resurrected.

Delirium. Pilot. Wigs. Hulu. TV. Promo Photo.

Based on the book series by Lauren Oliver, this teen targeted show wasn’t given the greenlight by Fox but the pilot has a second chance at life thanks to Wigs and Hulu. You can watch the pilot on Hulu (USA) or on the Wigs YouTube page (Outside the USA) until July 19th. I wasn’t a fan of the pilot at all, and wondered how much time was left halfway through. The pacing was off, jamming all of the first book into one episode, which I think was a mistake. It felt disjointed and rushed, so I’m not exactly kicking myself that this didn’t get the full series status. I do think they did well with the casting and I’m fine with the liberties they took as a book to TV adaptation. I didn’t care about the book and I didn’t care about the show. Oh, well.

The next #WWACTV chat will be July 13th at 7PM EST and I want to know what you’ll be watching the next two weeks. Excited for any returns? How about a new series? Maybe a finale or two? Sound off in the comments below.