MD Bright, Quantum and Woody 2, Valiant Comics, 2014Original Creators to Return to Quantum and Woody 

The relaunch of Quantum and Woody is a hit from Valiant Comics, but there’s nothing quite like the original.  Two decades after their ’90s run, creators Christopher Priest and MD Bright are reuniting to produce Q2: The Return Of Quantum & Woody.  The miniseries, which starts in October, reunites the original Quantum and Woody twenty years after their original adventures, and hopefully will channel the spirit of the critically acclaimed original run.

The week was short on indie comic news…but FULL of creator interviews!  Here’s the highlights:  

Paul Azacata, Outcast #1, Image Comics 2014Robert Kirkman Talks New Horror Series

If there’s one comic that’s dominated the horror genre for the past decade, it’s Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.   Now he and artist Paul Azacata have created Outcast, a new horror series about a man dealing with demonic possession seizing his loved ones in a small West Virginia.  It looks like creepy fun and, don’t worry everyone, a TV show is already in development.

Yet Another Up-Coming Horror Series!  James Tynion IV On New Thrillbent Series

You’d think it’s October with all these horror series hitting the stands.  Well, hitting the Web on this case, because The House in the Wall is coming to Mark Waid’s Thrillbent, a digital comic depository.  The series is about a restless woman adrift in her 20s, the house that haunts her dreams, and the ghost story behind it all.

Sex Criminal Variant, 2014Get Your Brimp On: Sex Criminals Creators Chat About Series Success, Upcoming Art

No one is having more fun in comics than Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky on Sex Criminals, the sex comedy/crime indie darling from Image Comics.  Returning for the start of its second art, the creators chat about how the story came to be and where it’s headed for the future.  Also, dick jokes.

Underrated Genius Sam Alden Talks New Book 

His work may just be pencilled, but Sam Alden is one of the most exciting creators working today.  A book collecting two of his works, It Never Happened Again, is out now and the cartoonist talks with CBR about his inspiration and how his character-focused stories come together.  Do yourself a favor and check out his site, complete with whole comics available to read, and revel in the evocative glory.