By now you may have noticed a trend on WWAC: We are debuting a lot of exciting new features, series, and live-tweeting events. Hold on to your hats for yet another blast of something new that we like to call Kid Comics go to Class.

Pop Quiz

1. Once a month a different educational approach that incorporates one of the following will be showcased
A) Comic books
B) Graphic novels
C) Comic strips
D) All of the above

2. Each post will include
A) A description of the practice
B) Information on how to implement it
C) An interview with educators using said method
D) A and B and sometimes C

3. You will
A) Enjoy my witty yet informative reviews of new teaching strategies
B) Learn about current trends in schools
C) Be briefed on established and new all age comic artists
D) All of the above

First up on the roster we’ll take a look at nErDcamp MI. Don’t forget to bring the teacher an apple.Public domain, teacher, classroom, Suzi comics