Marvellites! It’s Monday again, so let’s talk about what’s new at the House of Ideas.

Rocket_Raccoon_1_CoverLast week, it was announced that the upcoming Rocket Raccoon comic, helmed by Skottie Young, had reached the illogically high pre-order count of 300,000 copies. This is an unprecedented number, and was largely thought to be owed to the buzz surrounding the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie — until this week, when it was revealed that ⅓ of that number was ordered by one source: LootCrate, one of those box-of-random-objects-shipped-to-your-door monthly sites — like BirchBox, except with nerd stuff instead of makeup samples. Still, 200,000 non-LootCrate orders is a big effin’ deal! Rocket Raccoon #1 drops July 2nd and looks to be a lot of fun.

Frank Miller says the Captain America is the character he’d most want to write. Don’t Steve-Rogers-Captain-America-Scene-random-35928575-1920-1080you dare, Miller. You leave Steve alone.

Special Edition NYC, AKA “New York Comic Con without the TV Celebrities”, was this past weekend at the Javits Center. Marvel made a couple of announcements — mostly stuff we all knew already, if you keep up with Previews. A lot of the talk seemed to center on the “All-New Young Guns”, which consists of Nick Bradshaw, Sara Pichelli, Mahmud Asrar, David Marquez, Valerio Schiti, and Ryan Stegman. Most of these artists have been around for a few years, so they’re not exactly “all-new”, but what can you do.

There was also a bit more chatter about Fall’s big event, “Axis”, as well as Spider-Man 2099 and a few more upcoming titles.

Andrew Wheeler wrote a thoughtful piece on the X-Men and queer identity. A good read for anyone, even if you’re not familiar with the X-universe.
That’s about it for me this week! Keep an eye out next Monday — until then, try not to get shot with giant magic bullets or whatever the hell is happening in Original Sin.