GrayHaven Comics recently ran a promotion to recruit reviewers to preview some of their publications. I decided to take a look at their stand-alone comic My Geek Family by Doug Hahner and Donal DeLay. 

My Geek Family is a sweet portrayal of multi-generational geekery along with a realistic depiction of my geek family, gray haven comics, donal delayparenthood. Doug and Tina are a couple of parents doing their best to keep up with their sons (Owen and Dylan) while still making the most of the miniscule amount of time they get to themselves. Every moment of their day is as tiring as it is fun. This hit pretty close to home for me. Parenthood is an exhausting, challenging, hilarious, unpredictable adventure. You would do anything for a few hours to yourself to get work done, but at the same time you don’t want to miss a single second with your kids. They make everything delightful. The artwork is cheerful with breezy black and whites. Verdict: This is a nice little comic to flip through.

Since this is a stand-alone issue, there isn’t much to add beyond that. It’s simply a quick read to melt your heart for a few minutes.

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How about you? Is your family a bunch of geeks? Are they nearly all geeks but there’s one oddball that’s not? How about the other way around? Take a seat and tell us all about it in our survey. You can answer them on your own or with your fam. Families sans geeks need not apply.