The Thursday Book Beat: Doctorow’s Little Brother Challenged by Florida Principal


MaddAddam Series is Being Adapted into a Show

Margaret Atwood. Photographed by Jean Malek. The Oprah Magazine. September 2013.

Margaret Atwood’s trilogy is being adapted into a show by HBO starting with Oryx and CrakeDarren Aronofsky is set to be an executive producer.

Casual Vacancy Cast Announced

The first round of casting for J. K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy was announced. Michael Gambon (aka Dumbledore 2.0 in the Harry Potter movie franchise) will be playing Howard Mollison.

One Direction FanFic Gets a Worldwide Book Deal

Yup. That happened. Simon & Schuster has paid a “mid-six figures” sum for the rights of Anna Todd’s After series, including audio rights.

Banned Books Week Focusing on Comics & Graphic Novels

“This year we spotlight graphic novels because, despite their serious literary merit and popularity as a genre, they are often subject to censorship,” Judith Platt, the chairwoman of the Banned Books Week National Committee, said in a statement.

Banned Books Week runs from September 2127.

Florida Principal Shuts Down Summer Reading Program Over Little Brother

Cory Dotorow. Little Brother. Book Cover. Tor Teen. January 1, 2008. Young Adult.

Seems like the Principal at Booker T. Washington High isn’t a fan of books that question authority, which is cited as being the reason for the cancellation of their summer One School/One Book program. After the school’s administration gave the go ahead on Cory Doctorow’s young adult book, Little Brother, the Principal ordered a title change.

Literary Critics Aren’t Smitten With The Goldfinch 

Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch received a lot of buzz last year, but it seems like the literary gatekeepers (The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, and The Paris Review) are not impressed.


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    I am loving all these television shows based on books recently! Oryx and Crake, The Casual Vacancy, GoT, Orange is the New Black, The 100, The Leftovers. Bring on the bookish television!

    (also that Goldfinch stuff…ugh…I can’t even)

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