It’s almost summer and nothing beats sitting outside, soaking up some rays, and reading a good book. The only thing better than that would be enjoying said book with family and friends. But usually kids, teens, and adults aren’t reading the same books. If only there was a way to read feminist friendly books that both the young and old could enjoy together… Hold on, that’s exactly what we’re offering this year!

Welcome to the First Annual All Ages Summer Book Club. We’ll be reading three family friendly books over the next few months. Recruit friends and relatives to read them along with you so that you can banter, dish, and chit-chat about them. Plus, you can make some shiny new internet friends in our book club discussions! Yours truly will be hosting discussion threads on Twitter. Be sure to comment and/or tweet what you love, hate, mildly enjoy, or slightly disdain about the books.

Our first book selection is The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains: A Tale of Travel and Darkness with Pictures of All Kinds by Neil Gaiman. This was first published in Stories: All New Tales but is being re-released as a graphic novel with illustrations by Eddie Campbell. Campbell’s previous work includes From Hell, Hellblazer, and The Fate of the Artist. The book will be released on Tuesday, June 17th and is available online. Our first discussion session will start on EDITED Sunday, June 22nd at 7 pm EST.

The Truth is a cave in the black mountains, neil gaiman, eddie campbell, William MorrowGet ready for an adventure story about treasure-hunting, other realms, and family. At only eighty pages long, this is short enough to fit into anyone’s schedule whether they’re reading it on vacation, at summer camp, or in between awful adult errands.

Get yourself a lounge chair, a glass of cold lemonade, a strong wifi signal, and let’s talk books.

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