Girls Make Games website logoIt’s getting better for women gamers
Aisha Tyler, the actor and gamer well-known for her Facebook post about being a “real gamer,” shares her thoughts on character diversity in gaming.

Gamers are more sociable than their stereotype suggests
A new study shows that gamers aren’t just nerds living in their parents’ basement.

Berserkon gaming convention sees a successful second year
Everywhere you look comic cons are popping up, but gaming conventions are still finding their footing. Most people know the big ones, like PAX and Gen Con, but it’s nice to know you can find a gaming con in Duluth, MN too.

Inaugural “Girls Make Games” Summer Camp set to start
Another it-started-with-a-tweet success story, the first Girls Make Games summer camp for girls ages 11-16 kicks off on June 16th in Mountain View, CA in hopes of inspiring more women to join game development fields.