What’s up, Marvel Zombies? It’s Mighty Marvel Monday, and we have a multitude of movie…morsels (yeah, I don’t know either) for you! For the record: I will never, ever get tired of forcing a totally cheeseball alliteration in this intro paragraph. Deal with it.

Anyone reading the current Moon Knight series from Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey can moon-knight-7-shalvey-bellairetell you that it is one of the greatest things to come out of Marvel in a long time (possibly ever). By turns creepy, darkly comic, and incredibly gross/beautiful, Moon Knight has made people care about the character for the first time in a while. So, if you’re like me, you took it very personally this week when it was announced that as of issue seven, Ellis/Shalvey are out, to be replaced by (now controversial) writer Brian Wood, and drawn by Greg Smallwood (Dream Thief). Jordie Bellaire will stay on colors, and Shalvey will continue to provide covers for the series. Here’s Brian Wood talking about the change-over, if you even care.


A director has been attached to the Doctor Strange film: Scott Derrickson, primarily a horror guy, whose credits include Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. There’s also been some buzz about who Marvel is looking at to play the Sorcerer Supreme: Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch seem to be the two most mentioned names. We at WWAC have our own feelings about fancasting Stephen — keep an eye out for our picks soon!

Image from Comics Alliance

Image from Comics Alliance

Fantastic Four will have its first issue with an all-female creative team! Written by Jen Van Meter and illustrated by Joanna Estep, 100th Anniversary Special: Fantastic Four #1 drops July 2nd.

Days of Future Past has made $600 million globally, putting it just behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Amazing Spider-Man 2 in terms of highest-grossing films of 2014. But superhero movies still aren’t a legitimate genre worthy of awards consideration, right?

Edgar Wright’s replacement has been announced for Ant-Man: Peyton Reed, who has primarily helmed romantic comedies such as The Break-Up and Down With Love (as well as Bring It On). This is something of a departure from the roster of dark comedy directors recently circulating  (such as Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer). Does this mean we can expect a…Rom-ANT-ic comedy?

…What? Where’d everybody go?