The Average Canadian Book Buyer

According to BookNet Canada, we now know what the average book buyer looks like. Am I going to tell you here? Nope. I can say that they are of a female persuasion…

Famous Authors Re-Writing Shakespeare!

Fake rage over. Shakespeare is 400 years old so let’s give his stories a facelift. I’m excited by the list of authors so far (Gillian Flynn, Margaret Atwood, Jo Nesbø and Jeanette Winterson) and laughed at some of CBC’s suggestions (E. L. James writing Othello) while giddily praying some were true (George R. R. Martin writing Macbeth). Bring on the revamped Shakey!

John Green criticizes Amazon/Hachette fight

Another author to voice their opinion on this issue but this author is the YA prophet, John Green. I’ve got nothing against the guy and haven’t read his books aside from the very popular, The Fault In Our Stars, but if Green made a statement about e coli, the media would jump on it like a dog in heat. Or a superhero fanatic on advance tickets to the Avengers sequel. You get the idea.

Game of Thrones Editor Hints at an 8th Book Set in Westeros

Game of Thrones series editor, Anne Groell, hinted that there might be 8 instead of 7 books in the series. That’s all well and good but how about we get those original 7 done first, yes?

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Made Some Money…

A lot of it. 1.5 million in 24 hours if we’re going to get specific. It is all for the children.

Penguin Random House unveils their new logo

Still sad it wasn’t called Random Penguin…

BEA 2014 + BookCon

This past weekend was a whirl wind of books over at BEA 2014: