Hey there, True Believers! (© “True Believers” is copyright Stan Lee, upon penalty of death. Excelsior!)

We will be splitting up the news a little bit differently from here on out, and as resident lifelong Marvel Zombie, I will be taking on some of the coverage of the (obviously vastly superior) half of the Big Two.

So, what’s new and Marvel-ous this week? (See what I did there? I’m very clever.)


Deadpool vs. Hawkeye, Coming in September

The Deadpool/Hawkeye team-up in A+X was one of the better issues of the series, and we’ll get to see both of the sass-mouthed guns for hire in this title announced at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas. The amount of quippy one-liners in the book is going to be off the chain!

Fall 2014’s Crossover Event “Axis” Gets Teaser Art

Another tidbit of news from the Diamond Retailer Summit shows us that it looks as though Rick Remender will be taking the reigns on Marvel’s Fall moneygrab. Not much more information was given, and Marvel seems to be keeping a tight lip to the press.

Hayley Atwell Talks “Agent Carter”

Hayley Atwell spoke to Marvel’s official YouTube channel about her return to playing Peggy Carter in the upcoming Agent Carter TV series, and revealed that the first season will be at least 8 episodes long. Get pumped!


Image from Newsarama

New Look for Deathlok in Original Sins #1, Plus Ryan North’s Young Avengers!

Original Sins (with an S, not Original Sin, this is a different book with a very different title come on you guys) will showcase “even more secrets!!!” of the Marvel Universe through anthology-style stories. Featured characters include Deathlok (pictured here), written by Nathan Edmonson (currently killin’ it on Black Widow and Punisher), the Young Avengers, helmed by Dinosaur Comics / Adventure Time’s Ryan Q. North, and Lockjaw (adorable drooly Inhuman), written by Stewart Moore.

This Dude Made Real Live Wolverine Claws

Colin Furze, who is apparently a wizard (and creates cool mechanical projects that he puts up on YouTube), made himself a pair of Wolvie-claws that extend and retract, so he can real life Snikt! and hopefully not murder anyone.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVBCFGebqTg&w=560&h=315]