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Feature image, big shot comics, announcement, new featureNostalgia Nexus is where the ladies of WWAC drop in to discuss the books and comics books they loved/hated when they were kids. Enjoy.

X-Men, Various Authors

Oh, so, so many ones that got on my hate side.

Forge comes to mind, having been through Life-Death I and II with Storm, having lived in another dimension with her.  They finally get home, and X-duties take her immediately back to the team. Forge feels like he’ll be making her choose if he asks her to come away with him.  When he decides to propose, Mystique tells him Storm will never leave the X-Men for him. So he walks out, leaving Ororo in tears, whispering “but I was going to say yes.”

And the trial of Gambit?

Leaving Remy alone in Antarctica?  Grrrrrrrrrrr.

— Jamie

ElfQuest, Wendy & Richard Pini

This was the very first comic I picked up on my own. Big-eyed elves drawn by a woman with a big helping of healthy sexuality? Yes please!

ElfQuest had violence and sex in a way that the mainstream Marvel comics I was getting from my uncle didn’t. Instead of cheesy ‘whams’ and ‘kapows’, the characters bled all over the pages, searched for something bigger than themselves, and mourned their dead, who were not coming back in another story arc. Having giant wolves didn’t hurt, either.ElfQuest, Wendy and Richard Pini, Dark Horse Comics

I remember being titillated by the orgy they had right before the big battle with the trolls. I was worried my mom would see those pages and take the comic away from me, but she was surprisingly cool about about multiple partner sex between elves. Thanks Mom!

— Sarah

Betty and Veronica, Various Authors

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Betty, with her unwavering moral compass, athleticism, academic talent, and integrity. That girl could whip up an entire birthday party with cake-from-scratch included, ace her exams, and Captain the softball team without breaking a sweat.Betty and Veronica, Archie Comics

But I wanted to be sexy, luxe-loving Veronica, too, with her sprawling mansion and impeccable sense of self; her trips around the globe and bevy of adoring beaus. For those two girls, the possibilities were endless, and they were easily more interesting than every man Archie Andrews. Betty worked hard, Veronica shared her wealth; despite their bickering, their friendship was a rock-solid foundation and nothing ever came between them. They competed against and supported each other, and showed me a female friendship that had all the cracks and flaws and joys of a real one. I always secretly believed they’d end up together, kicking Archie to the curb and driving off in a cherry-red convertible to the world waiting for them outside Riverdale.

— Laura H.