amazingspidey1Each month, Diamond Comics Distributors releases data on the top selling products from single issue comics to graphic novels and trade paperbacks to toys. So far this year, the trend shows the top single issue comic sales heavy with superhero stories fromMarvel and DC, but diversity is growing in the trade paperback and graphic novel list.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 was the best-seller for single issue sales and appeared again at number nine on the trade paperback list as Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1. This could be partially attributed to the release of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, which opened on May 2.

Image is the big winner this month in trade paperbacks and graphic novels. For April, it had seven out of the top ten titles with Marvel and DC rounding out the rest. Topping out the list is Sex Criminals Vol 1, which is currently number one on the New York Times best seller list. Also of note, three of the seven come from sales of the first three volumes of Saga. March was less of a monopoly with titles from six different publishes, including BOOM Studios, Dark Horse Comics, and Top Shelf Productions.

sex-criminals-vol-01-releasesIn April, four titles had women involved in the creative team, and six of the titles had female characters on their covers. It’s similar to the March numbers with three creative teams involving women and seven covers featuring female characters.

With all the internet chatter about the lack of women in the industry and female characters in comic books, lists like this help show the growing diversity in some areas of the medium. There’s still progress to be made, but it’s happening right now.