Yesterday, Fox ordered a full season pick up of the Batman prequel, Gotham, for at least 13 episodes. Hours later, they released a teaser trailer:

And hours after that they released a full length trailer:


To say that I’m excited to have a Batman story on the small screen is a HUGE understatement. Fox is taking a Smallville approach to the Dark Knight by having it based on Bruce Wayne before he becomes Batman but the difference is that he’s not the star in the same way that Clark Kent was in his prequel. That makes sense given that 12 year old Bruce can only do so much outside of the emotional turmoil of being on the cusp of adolescence and grieving the loss of his parents. He wouldn’t be running around to nab the bad guys and he’s not the greatest detective just yet.

The star, as most would say, is the young Detective James Gordon. Already you can see the optimism that we often associate with Gordon (that leads him to befriend the Bat later on) is at odds with harsh realities of the city as Bullock mentions in his line: “This isn’t a city for nice guys”. This runs counter to what Gordon says to  newly orphaned Bruce: “However dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light”. This will be an interesting dynamic to see in the show: What will win out? Gordon’s hope or Gotham’s corruption and violence?

For me, the true star of the series is Gotham. This city has always been what shaped the heroes and villains in the Batman universe including Batman himself. As the trailer points out, we’ll see Catwoman, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and the Penguin before they become part of the greatest rogues gallery in comics. We’ll see a war waged against crime and watch it all set in the backdrop of a dark, gothic aesthetic.

Before Batman, there was GOTHAM.

Man, am I excited.