Supreme Blue Rose coverWarren Ellis and Tula Lotay to Ressurect Liefeld’s Supreme in New On-Going

In July, acclaimed writer Warren Ellis and artist Tula Lotay will be launching a new series called Supreme: Blue Rose that is based on Rob Liefeld’s Supreme. The series will likely be similar to Image’s revival of Prophet and a departure from the Supreme runs written by the likes of Alan Moore in the ’90s. The details are murkyespecially considering the character Supreme is a man and the teaser image is a woman with a freaky birdbut the series looks like weird sci-fi goodness. There’s always room for more weird sci-fi goodness in comics!

Origins of X-Files to be Explored in New IDW Series

Speaking of sci-fi goodness, the upcoming X Files: Year Zero miniseries is heading back to the ’40s to discover how those creepy paranormal FBI cases first got marked with that infamous “x.”  Throughout its run, X-Files flirted with but never quite revealed just how the department got started. Now writer Karl Kesel and artists Vic Malhotra and Greg Scott will look at how those early days will impact Mulder and Scully in the present.  


Week-long Series Looks at the Art of Comic Book Lettering 

Multiversity Comics is shining a light on one of the most under-appreciated parts of comic book creation: lettering. The presentation of the writing and text is an essential part of reading any comic, but most people (myself included!) don’t realize the craft and thought that goes into every word bubble. Awesome to see lettering get more attention in this series, just like colorists are in the wider industry.

Laura Hudson Breaks Down Why Last Night’s Game of Thrones Was So Screwed Up 

The Internet has been in an uproar since last night’s Game of Thrones and Laura Hudson breaks down just how profoundly fucked-up a certain scene was, and what it says about our wilder culture. Spoilers for the most recent episode and trigger warnings for sexual assault.