New Batman Beyond Short Premieres at Wonder Con

The short clip, created by Darwyn Cooke, features Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) and Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) fighting some familiar faces.

Dark Horse to Publish The Art of The Venture Bros.ArtVentureHC

The upcoming coffee table book will feature art and commentary by series creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, and a forward by Patton Oswalt.


The Gorgeous Existential Funk of Adventure Time

The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum on the trippy, emotional appeal of the Cartoon Network’s animated series, about to begin its sixth season:

“As with ‘The Simpsons,’ the ensemble is enormous, allowing episodes to go off on odd detours and tell the stories of minor figures, such as the woozy Southern elephant named Tree Trunks; or the freaky Lemongrabs, lemon-headed maniacs who spend most of their time howling in frustration; or the friendly Korean-accented computer named B.M.O. In later seasons, these threads cohere into a broader cosmology; it includes an alternate time line, in which the bombs haven’t yet exploded. Finn is the only character who ages in a normal fashion: he began as a twelve-year-old, but this season he’s sixteen, and his relationships, and the show itself, have become deeper and (codedly) more sexual. There are moments when Finn’s story feels suspiciously like a compensatory fantasy, invented to disguise a trauma that can’t be faced head on—as if it were the ‘Mulholland Drive’ of children’s television.”

And Finally…

Saga and Girl Genius are among the comics nominated in the 2014 Hugo Awards.