There’s hella information on the Ranger:Rendezvous Kickstarter page. That’s because Ranger:Rendezvous is not just one comic, one root sent out to anchor a project that grows, sprawling. It’s a ‘verse, ready to spring into being.

The Rangerverse has been a decade-long effort expanding to over 10 globe-spanning concepts, starring 30+ leading heroines and heroes and a veritable army of supporting roles.


I’m trying to create a generous, fair, & representative vision of human stories starring an empowered and diverse cast.


With 10+ titles ranging from wild-west exploration (Ranger: Frontier) to counterterrorism (Ranger: FORSEC) to mysticism and magic (Ranger: Astra Rishi, Ranger: Immortal) the Rangerverse is expansive, fantastical, crossover-y, and as colorful as a rainbow.


Right on, right? Think big.

Ed Oh might be thinking too big, of course, because the bulk of $60,000 is a lot to make in the remaining eighteen days of the campaign, but it does feel good to see ambition unfettered, huge dreams, the decision to belch out EVERYTHING at once. Because we’ve all got a galaxy within us, right? You could tell me all about the world you make stories in when you’re on the bus/in the shower/fiddling with a pen in that meeting/on the loo/taking money at the till. I could tell you all about mine. But Ed’s like, sit down. I am going to tell you about it. Now. I dig it.

There’s a whole bunch of cultural set-up, character backstory, technological scene-setting and whatnot, but I’m invested in the character designs. I wanna see what these people can do. I want to know how they behave and relate to each other. I want to watch them have cool adventures, coolly. I want to get to know the puppy with a neckerchief!

Backers are entitled to the first volume, as far as I can tell–it’s not a terribly well set out explanation–and maybe that’s less than you might expect on such a wide-ranging project. That’s a decision you can make yourself. But I’m interested in the world, and maybe you are too; if the project doesn’t meet its funding goal, it would be a shame to see it fade away. Is there an audience for this story? I think so.