Robert Downey Jr. Hosts Kid Screening of The Winter Soldier, Because Of Course He Did

And he did it on his birthday, because what better way to celebrate that by bringing superhero joy to children?

Jock Talks Creative Process, Upcoming Comic with Scott Snyderdetectivecomics880-jock

A recap of an ECCC panel, Jock goes into detail discussing his comic and design work, including Wytches the upcoming horror comic from Image written by Scott Snyder.  If you’re interested in Jock, and you should be because he’s amazing, there are tons of interesting things here.  Including that he worked on the design for the movie Dredd!  No wonder that movie was amazing.

Marvel Studios Head Talks Winter Soldier’s Impact In Spoiler-Filled Interview

If you haven’t seen Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier yet, steer clear!  But if you have seen it, check out Kevin Feige’s interview where he discusses how the movie’s events upends the status quo in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Artist Makes Awesome Cardboard Iron Man 

An incredibly talented artist has finished his latest project: a life-size, insanely detailed statue of Iron Man made entirely out of cardboard.  The intricate construction on this is just amazing.