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New Vertigo Series Bodies Promises Four Artists, Four Detectives, Four Time Periods

One writer, four artists, four time periods. Bodies is an exciting new project that promises hard-boiled detecting, lots of great art, and you guessed it, dead bodies stacked to the skies.

Classic Paintings, Explained With Tweets, Status Updates, and Emojis

In a new art project, Emoji Nation, Nastya Ptichek is explaing–and remixing–great art by embedding social media on/in them.

NBCU to Keep Television Without Pity and DailyCandy Archives Public

Last week it was announced that TV recap pioneers TWOP would be closing its doors. In response to the inevitable fan outcry, NBC Universal has announced that they will keep the TWOP archives open to the public.


The Dollar-And-Cents Case Against Hollywood’s Exclusion of Women

We all know Hollywood has a problem with women, but FiveThirtyEight goes deeper: they’ve looked at the budgets and returns on investment of films that do (and don’t) pass the Bechdel Test .

Hickey, 2014.

Hickey, 2014.

And finally…

How to Bake Scientifically Accurate Cake Planets

My birthday is 10/25, btw.