The recent announcement of a Jem live action movie was followed by a lot of buzz. Just as quickly as the excitement took off, the skepticism reared its head, as word got out that creator Christy Marx was not going to be included in the project.

So how do fans really feel? We reached out to several, including this year’s JemCon chair, for their reaction to the news.

When I first found out about the movie I felt like the happiest girl ever. Like I wanted to cry with happiness. I would always go to the movies and during the previews say to my friends, as a joke, really loud, “I can’t wait till the Jem movie.”

I never knew that it would actually come true.

I am so pleased they are making a movie. I know it can never live up to anyone’s expectations, so in that vein, mine are very low. I think I am more excited they are making the movie, than about the actual movie itself.

I will say that I agree with what is being said. They should get Christy Marx on board!

Also, as a final thought, I really want the Stingers to be in it! That would be truly outrageous!!

Illana Pernica, chair of JemCon 2014.


I’m not really thrilled with the idea of a live action Jem movie. Like many of the 80s cartoons movie reboots (Transformers, GI Joe, Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Inspector Gadget, etc), I don’t feel that the movie will remain true to the series and will completely change the feel of the story and characters to better suit a younger generation. They are not catering to the original fans of the show, but simply trying to merchandise a popular show.

I cannot say that I have high hopes for the movie, and based on the premise that we are hearing about in the news (an orphan teenager becoming an internet singing sensation running off to LA following clues left by her dead father), my opinion is pretty much set. It’s Hannah Montana meets Scooby-Doo, or some other such silly rehash. I feel that if the producers/director are changing the original story by Christy Marx that much, there is no point in associating it with “Jem and the Holograms.”

I cosplay as Jem because I identify with Jerrica Benton. She is a smart, educated young woman trying to make her own place in a hard and cut throat world. She has her father’s business to run, an orphanage to handle, and a rock star identity to grow but also keep secret. She’s the epitome of the corporate working woman, but she handles it all without very much complaint. Jerrica is cool and even-headed, and shares her success and her failures with a strong support group of friends. That’s the kind of character that I love portraying. Jerrica/Jem is definitely a great role model for girls, and I feel that diminishing her strength of character into a new “iCarly” just to reboot the show is defamatory to Jem’s character. Let Jem remain “Jem.”

Cosplayer Fire Lily.

Frankly, I was thrilled that Hasbro finally gave Jem her due. I think I left them a lot of hints that myself and others wanted her back. I was more startled that the producers wanted to hear from the fans and that they wanted all of us to participate. I shall be joining in for that.

For the longest time, I’ve had dreams where I would be looking through a toy aisle and seeing Jem dolls there, or attending a premiere about a Jem movie, and then waking up disappointed that it was just a dream. It got to the point where I would tell myself in the dream that it wasn’t real and would wake up. I’m just glad it’s happening after all these years.

I’m really hoping that it will be a great reboot. I never expected that the Jem of the 21st century would still be the same. If the series was to continue from the 80s to today, it would have evolved gradually so that it wouldn’t have been a culture shock to the older fans. As much as I love my nostalgia, there’s no way they could have kept Jem in the 80s and not make it into another “the 80s was funny looking” kind of movie.

It would be interesting if they do have cameos of the original actors in the movie. I’m also excited to see what kind of new products will come out of this. I’m really hoping for new dolls and playsets. I hope they do keep to their word and have us dedicated fans have input, and maybe even have some of us as “extras”. *hint, hint at the producers*

I’m really happy that Jem is finally back in the spotlight again, as she was truly my inspiration and idol as a girl. I’m really looking forward to Jem’s triumphant return.

Sandra Smiley, Founder of “The Jem Project” and Jem performer.

There’s no denying that Jem was one of the first girl-targeted cartoons and so the idea of a Jem movie strikes a powerful chord. For some of us, it showed strong female characters and was a gateway into geekery. For others, it highlighted 80s style and rock & roll. And for still others, it was just fun ridiculousness. Now, almost 30 years later, we get a chance to have a little of our own geek girl nostalgia, something that is entirely girl centric. Isn’t that worth giving it a shot?