Buffy 8

Buffy Season 8

Character Arc: Slayer Gatherer to Slayer Abjured

It is interesting to see the transition from TV to Comics. The things that were strengths in the show (BIG OL’ ROUSING SPEECHES! for one) would fall flat in a comic. And they know it and play with it. The main story picks up towards the end of the season, and we’re back to epic battles.

What to Watch For: New and interesting players and fun asides. Loads of girl power.

What to Watch Out For: Dracula is SUPER RACIST, YO. And I’m a little squicked by the use of Tibetan goddesses as monsters. Not everything with fangs is evil, yo. Step outta yo’ Western paradigm a skosh!

Best Issue: “Safe.” Hits me right in the redemption feels.

Worst Issue: (And I may get in trouble for this) “After These Messages… We’ll be Right Back!” Nothing but nostalgia and I was bored. Maybe because I just watched the show, but… yeah.


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