Buffy Challenge Season 7



Season 7

Character Arc: Slayer Teacher to Slayer Master

Slow to start, but then ALL PLOT, ALL THE TIME! While there are aspects of this season that I don’t care for, and at times it feels like they had four different plots planned out and they realized they had only one season left so they DID THEM ALL, I think it is, for the most part, worth it. For the EPIC FINAL BATTLE, SO WORTH IT.

Watch For: D.B. Woodside looking GOOD in a suit, Nathan Fillion being super evil, a young Rick Gonzalez, Buffy going all JUDGE DREDD, super young Felicia Day.

Watch Out For: UGH. Wood Negging FAITH? *gag*

Worst Episode: “Him”—gross gross gross.

Best Episode: “Chosen.” Talk about ending on a High Note! (But also FEELS. CRUSHING FEELS.)

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