Reader, I’m planning something.

Something to do with…

…Sports and exercise. And comics.

Deadpool Thor Mjolnir cosplay gifTo limber you up, to stretch out our joints, I’m pinging you ahead of time with this gathering of themed workouts. Sometimes just “running” or “lifting” isn’t enough; sometimes you wanna run “from the werewolves” and “lift Mjolnir”. Well friends, I hear you. Working out is boring. Luckily all of these motivators and physical educators are aware of that and way ahead of us, ready to put on a show and tip us a wink! Let’s get stuck in–let’s take the highway to the Danger Room. Etc, etc. Hup-ha, hup-ha. Choose your leader:

Captain America

300 preparation

Sailor Moon

Hunger Games

Various Superhero Workout

Neila Ray multifandom workout fest

Nerd Fitness does Star Wars


Are there more? I sure hope so. Add them in comments!

Catwoman & Batman, Batman Inc, Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette, 2012Remember, sex is cardio. Cosplay sex? Nerd cardio! If that’s your bag, babies. Good for your heart!