Season 4


Character Arc: Fish out of Water to Rebel with a Cause

Setting: UC Sunnydale

Plotwise the beginning of the season isn’t my fave. On one hand college! And Spike! On the other hand Riley never really did it for me. Yeah, I’m not really for the AW SHUCKS, MA’AM types. At least not when it’s all caps as shucksness. He’s just too precious. Especially when contrasted with “big ucky MENZ want SEX!” By the end of the season we are back to the well crafted, driving story that makes Buffy fun to watch…

Watch for: Xander/Harmony slapfight, first Spike and Buffy face sucking, all kinds of awesome fighting, and big time TARA LOVE.

Watch out for: Evil fat-shaming vampire, lots of MEN LIKE SEX AND WOMEN MUST GUARD AGAINST THEIR EVIL TRICKSEY WAYS!, dudes not dealing with POWERFUL FEMALE WARRIOR at all, and weirdness around Willow’s sexual identity.

Best Episode: Hush (cuz the GENTLEMEN!); Superstar (Jonathan is Buckaroo Banzai. So much fun).

 Worst Episode: Beer Bad: Neanderthal Buffy. Exciting. (not exciting).

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