Heavy Metal Relaunches As All-Media Company

David Boxenbaum, a music producer, and Jeff Krelitz, a film producer, have purchased the rights to Heavy Metal magazine and will form a new “all-media” company producing on brand films, music, TV, and comics.

New ComicWalker Digital Manga Service Launches With Free Manga March 22

The service will offer loads of free manga, including Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam: Origin (in Japanese) for free–I don’t understand this business model.

HBO Has Been Hiring Rappers to Rap About Game of Thrones

Wale, Big Boi, Common, Daddy Yankee, Bodega Bamz and other “celebrity influencers” will produce Game of Thrones themed mixtapes. I approve.

Lammily: A New Alternative Fashion Doll Looking to Raise Money

The doll is based on the “average” nineteen-year-old woman, and comes with sporty, everyday clothing, little makeup, and bendy joints.

Lammily by Nikolay Lamm