What are your comic-loving, hard-writing, news-gathering WWAC team getting giddy about outside the world of comics? We share just what is our poison, this February.


Ivy Noelle

Mine is Veronica Mars. Yes, I’m really, really late to the party. I’m blowing through the seasons that are streaming on Amazon Prime at a crazy rate and am so excited for the movie!


Mine would be geek crochet. I already have some Pokémon amigurumi and other babes made, and currently am giving the final touches to a totally awesome and big and huggable crochet Puppycat *makes weird noises because of too much excitement*



Copic markers. I have been wembling about the price but finally went in on a couple sets. They’re everything the drawing community says they are.


I’m obsessively plotting reading challenges on WorldsWithoutEnd.com

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 17.27.36Kayleigh

Donna Tartt’s novel The Goldfinch. A young boy survives a terrorist bombing at a museum but, in the chaos, walks off with a priceless painting–The Goldfinch. This is Tartt’s first novel published in over a decade, and it’s a rich and fully absorbing story about obsession, beauty, and grief. An instant favorite.


I’m loving audiobooks! Perfect for crowded public transit (where even a paperback takes up too much space) and nights when your brain feels like mush.



I’m currently in love with hot decaf mocha lattes with almond milk from my local coffee shop. I’ve severely reduced my caffeine intake this past few months, so it’s my Saturday morning treat.


One thing I’m enjoying in life right now is my new African dance course. I haven’t done it for a loooooong time (almost 6 years!) so it feels amazing to get back into the groove.


If you ever wanted to spend two nights a week hitting people with sticks, Eskrima classes might be calling you. Learning techniques for various knife fights that I hope never to be in and making new friends in SoCal with minor knuckle bruising.



Geek Wedding Planning! My partner and I are getting married in a planetarium in the Science Center of Iowa and the staff is hell-bent on getting a TARDIS to whiz across the stars during our ceremony 🙂 We plan on combining all. the. fandoms, so it has been super fun to think about how to turn our ceremony into a DnD encounter or outfit our wedding party in superhero garb.



I moved in November, and I love my house. (Technically a flat, but the kitchen is downstairs. So “flat” is factually wrong! I’m a very literal person!) Our wardrobe is a giant cardboard box, but that’s not so sad.  I live somewhere that people used to sell meat a couple of centuries ago. I dig it.


I’m giving lego minifigs gender reassignments. 😀

Megan P

White chocolate kit kat and tech support are my world right now.


I’m addicted to Girls! I just started from the beginning, and I’ve been watching non-stop while I unpack boxes and assemble Ikea furniture.