Fashions may seem hot at the time they’re on top, but time is the great leveller. Which trends make it into the history books?

It may shock you–it may shock him–to learn that Shia LaBoeuf was not your favourite artburglar. When placed in a short race against other accused tracers, stealers, borrowers and the Heavily Influenced… he came up third. Third! In the fools’ gold glow of his time of glory.

It’s been years, an actual decade, since Cassie Claire set the Harry Potter fanfiction community aflame with her hard retreat in the face of “Hey, I’ve read that before. In a real book…?” But in 2014 she still comes out ahead of LaBoeuf. No pimples that spell out “SNEAK,” perhaps, but her ghost still wanders the halls of Hogwarts.

And more than twice as “popular,” pulling into the winners’ circle early? Your breast friend, Greg “well has anyone actually tracked down the precise pictures you assume he used because if not then what’s the problem” Land.


Not so surprising, maybe.