We’re looking for the best of 2013–according to you. We’ve got lots of categories, so skip the ones that you’re stumped by. In the comments, nominate up to 3 people/things per category. If we haven’t specified, the category is open to people doing print and/or web work.

So tell us, dear readers, what did your year in awesome look like?

  1. Original graphic novel.
  2. Original short story.
  3. Ongoing print comic.
  4. Ongoing webcomic.
  5. Writer.
  6. Penciller.
  7. Inker.
  8. Colourist.
  9. Cartoonist (who does everything).
  10. Publisher.
  11. Website, blog, or Tumblr (not us).
  12. Geek feminist.
  13. Geek feminist ally.
  14. Hashtag conversation or social media event.
  15. Meme.